About Adrienne Ferreira

Adrienne was born in Sydney in 1975 and grew up in Sandy Beach on the mid north coast. Surrounded by bush and hills of banana plantations, this unique rural landscape was imprinted on her from a young age. Some of her earliest preoccupations were with an old python living in the roof of her house, picking mulberries in the backyard, studying the habits of flying foxes and trying to overcome her fear of spiders and stick insects.

Adrienne Ferreira


She has a B.A. from the University of Sydney and has written short stories and poetry. Watercolours is her first novel.

Adrienne is currently working on her next novel, about a young housewife obsessed with a foreign sailor watching her from one of the coal bulkers lined up just outside her cliff-top house — an exploration of youth, aging and the discomfort of transition.

Adrienne lives on the NSW Central Coast with her husband (actor, producer, playwright and screenwriter Rob Carlton) and their twin sons.


Adrienne is an alumna of Varuna, the Writer’s Centre. Read Adrienne’s interview with Diana Jenkins in the June feature of Varuna News here.